Monday, May 16, 2011

#15 We're Moving In August

Transition #15 is now official. We are moving in August.

It's not a big move. Just across town. But sometimes those shorter moves can be more difficult than the bigger, 1,000 mile moves.. like the one we made to come here 4 years ago.

The house is about the same size. There is more land. And the neighborhood it's in was hit by a tornado three weeks ago (the house and, more importantly, our friends who currently live there are fine). We're looking at building a storm shelter as soon as we move in.

Although this move could be stressful (and probably will be once we get closer to moving day), we are all really looking forward to it. The kids are looking forward to painting their own rooms and Kyle and I are looking forward to the pre-move purge. It is amazing how quickly we accumulated stuff to fill this place. Especially considering that we got rid of most of our belongings when we moved here. Where did all of this stuff come from and why do we have it?! Honestly, we don't need most of it. So, we're getting ruthless and getting rid of a lot. We've already purged about 5 boxes of clothes... and I keep finding more to get rid of. I went through our homeschool books and materials and sold anything we weren't using, never used, or wouldn't be using for younger children as they got older. I also went through our bookshelves (gasp) and got rid of quite a few books. I'll be returning to those again in a few weeks and purging again.

Next on the list: the craft closet and paperwork. Not sure which to do first... either would be a blessing to get cleaned out and organized.

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