Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Not" Back To School Blog Hop: Curriculum Week

Public and private schools around here start classes this Thursday. Since we are moving Monday, we won't be starting school work for a couple more weeks, but curriculum plans are in place (even if lesson plans are not).

Here are our choices for this year (or at least all the ones my sleepy brain can remember):

Prima & Secunda (grades 9 & 8, respectively):
History, Literature, and Bible: Omnibus 1 & 2
Science: Apologia Biology
Math: Saxon Algebra 1 (Prima) & Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 Secunda)
Vocabulary: Vocabulary From Classical Roots A & B
Writing: Writing As Drama (modified and taught by Kyle - unfortunately, no longer available on the market)

Terzo (grade 5):
History & Geography: Story of the World 1
Science: guinea pig for my "soon"-to-be-published science curriculum
Spelling: Spelling Workout
Math: Rod & Staff 5
Logic: Mind Benders

Quarto (grade 2):
History & Geography: Story of the World 1
Science: guinea pig for my "soon"-to-be-published science curriculum
Spelling: Spelling Workout
Handwriting: Rod and Staff Penmanship
Math: Rod & Staff Math 2
Logic: Mind Benders

The boys will also read a variety of books from the library.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things, but my brain just can't recall them.

If you'd like to participate in the "Not" Back to School Blog Hop, head on over to Heart of the Matter for the participation rules.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carnival of Homeschooling - Simplified

When I host the Carnival of Homeschooling (I have hosted in the past on my old blog - Apollos Academy, welcome to my new home!), two things often happen:

1) something crazy happens to prevent me from posting in a timely manner - I get sick, the power goes out, our internet goes out, there's a tornado warning which not only causes the power and internet to go out but keeps me huddled in the hallway with my family for hours and hours (not really conducive to putting together a blog carnival... but great for finishing the latest family read-aloud).

2) I try to organize the carnival around a theme, usually inspired by something going on in my life at the time - Christmas, spring flowers, autumnal equinox, whatever.

Fortunately, the skies are clear, the a/c is working (the heat index was 118 degrees last I heard), and connection to all necessary grids is intact, so all I need is a theme.

It's hot. (I don't want to think about it.)
I'm living in my car driving kids all over town during the "lazy" days of summer. (Maybe.)
I just got a haircut. (Um... no.)
We're moving. (Hmmm... aaaaand.)
We're purging. (Go on.)
And simplifying. (Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!)

A plain, simple, straightforward blog carnival. That's the ticket!

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Carnival of Homeschooling

A big THANK YOU to all the contributors to this week's carnival. And a big THANK YOU to you for attending. Please help promote the carnival on your own blog (you can use one of the spiffy COH images found here*), Facebook, Twitter, Google+, homeschool message boards, and your local homeschool email groups by sharing the link to the carnival!

And don't forget to head on over to next week for another informative carnival! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer! And stay cool!

* if you have trouble posting the images, try removing the space between the penultimate > and the ultimate < in the image code. That worked for me!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ten-Minute Toss

  I am afraid to enter my children's rooms. My girls' room is blanketed with paper - drawings of dragons, ponies, portraits, and other artistic experiments. Not to mention that the girls' room is on the second floor and cools to a balmy 90 degrees at night... thus why the girls have been sleeping in the living room for almost a month. My boys' room floor is covered with clothes - which sounds okay until you realize that a layer of teeny, tiny Legos has been strategically scattered underneath.

Despite my fears, their rooms have to be cleaned, decluttered, and packed within the month. I have no choice. I have to enter them at some point. How long can I put this off? Thanks to the Ten-Minute Toss, at least one more day!

Yesterday was the anitanitpenulitmate trash day before move day. When I peered out at the curb, only the lone trash can stood sentry. He looked lonely. So, I grabbed a trash bag that I had started filling the night before and set out to fill it. A walk through the laundry room, kitchen, hall, and my bedroom filled the bag plus half of a second bag. In ten minutes. Just the stuff lying around that required no digging or complex sorting filled 1.5 bags. Yikes!

As I walked down the hall toward the office to finish filling the bag, I glanced into the boys' bedroom. As I continued walking, my brain shouted at me, "Wait! You could easily fill that bag without having to go more than 5 feet into the room!" (The boys' rooms is almost 15' deep.) I stopped, turned around, braced myself in the doorway, and headed in. Sure enough, in less than 5 minutes and without walking more than a few steps into the room, I topped-off the bag.

After tying off the bag, I went straight to the kitchen and grabbed two smaller kitchen bags from the cabinet and the timer off the fridge. Then I headed into the living room. " I am setting this timer for 10 minutes. Each team, boys and girls, gets a bag. When I yell 'Go', you have 10 minutes to get to your room and fill the bag with trash. Ready?" Surprisingly, they ran right over, grabbed their bags, and got into racing positions.


They were off! Ten minutes later, the timer beeped and the kids emerged with two bulging bags of trash. I added them to a third large bag that I had started filling then ran the three bags down to the curb.

Satisfied with our efforts, I headed to the fridge for a a cold lemonade. After moving about a dozen containers of mystery leftovers in search of the lemonade pitcher, I reached for a fourth bag and got to work. Filled the fourth bag in another 10 minutes, and now the fridge and freezer are cleaned out down to what is fresh and what we will actually eat. Yay, me!

I am going to have to enter those rooms at some point. Probably by this weekend. But not before I send them off for at least one more Ten-Minute Toss. Prima informs me that their room could use at least a handful more such tosses, and Secunda - our highly prolific dragon and pony sketcher - has been given a binder in which to put her favorite drawings. (She has been instructed to toss the rest.) I'm not so scared any more.