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Carnival of Homeschooling: Homeschooling Pensieve

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good...

When I first read the Harry Potter books a few years ago, I fell in love with all 4195 pages of the saga. J.K. Rowling's ability to carry the plot over seven action-packed books, planting little elements along the way that seem unimportant when first mentioned but are ultimately of great significance to the greater story, fills me with the greatest admiration of her storytelling ability.

In addition to her great characters, Ms. Rowling creates a world that is just plain old fun to get lost in. And there are quite a few objects that inhabit that world that I wish were available in this one, like:

The Weasley Family's Clock

Yes, a cell phone with GPS can tell you where your family members are
at any given moment, but this clock is just so much prettier
hanging on the wall or sitting on the mantle. 

Mad Eye Moody's Mad Eye

This eye allows the wearer to see 360 degrees and through walls and invisibility cloaks.
Parents will see how this could be handy.

A Beaded Bag

Okay, technically not exclusive to the wizarding world of Harry Potter,
but when improved with an undetectable extension charm that allows you
to fit not only your house keys and lipstick but also a tent, changes of clothes,
food, and an entire library of books, it finds a spot on most homeschooling moms' wish lists.

But, hands down, my absolute favorite creation in the Harry Potter world is:

The Pensieve

This handy contraption allows you to take thoughts that you have conveniently removed from your mind (and stored in handy phials up on the shelf) and view them from another perspective at a later time. Being able to save the details of a memory so that you can revisit them later with greater perspective could be a very useful tool. And not only can you revisit your own memories, you can also share your memories with others to get their perspective.


Let's take some of the phials off the shelf labeled "Homeschooling," whether they be thoughts we've had before or those shared by others, and see what new insights they reveal to us once we access them through our virtual pensieve, shall we?

The phials on the shelf are labeled as follows (click on the phial label to view it via the pensieve):

10 Awesome Poems To Teach Your Kids; Hannah; Full Time Nanny

10 Signs Your Child Needs A Better Tutor Than You; Sara; Nanny Pro

12 in 12: January Update; Ann; Harvest Moon By Hand

Defying Gravity; Cindy; Get Along Home

I Love A PARTY!; Sue; Lifelong Learning
Learning To Read - Part 1; Misty; Homeschool Bytes

12 Homeschool Myths Busted By Homeschoolers; Karen; Homeschooling Athiest Momma

Learning About The Fascinating World Of Farming; Annie Kate; Tea Time With Annie Kate

Making Blood; Lisa; Golden Grasses

Homeschool Methods - Life Learning With Interest-Led Unschooling; Kelly; The Homeschooling Co-op

The Comparison Trap; Jolanthe; Homeschool Creations

 A Plan A Day Keeps Disaster Away!; Jamie; Homeschool Online

 An Inspiring Homeschool Family I Met; Christine; The Thinking Mother

 Rhymes With Australia; Nancy; Sage Parnassus

 10 Old School Devices Kids Today Don't Know How To Use; Tinzley; Nanny Flower's Kids Blog

And some dusty phials I rescued from the grips of the dust bunnies and Cornish pixies under the sofa:

Hero Journey Phials
Our girls (grades 8 & 9) did a study on the Hero Journey (also known as a Monomyth) at the beginning of this year, and now they are identifying Hero Journey elements in stories everywhere... including the Harry Potter series. The resources we used are all squeezed into this phial (be careful, it's a tad heavy):

The Hero Journey; MythologyTeacher.com

Hero Journey/ Monomyth illustrated with examples from The Matrix, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.

And one last phial lost in a sock and returned to me by my loyal house elf:

How To Teach Harry Potter - A Semester-Long Course

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